Familiar local flavours are reimagined

A fresh take on Qatari cuisine

Jiwan offers everyone something new to discover – even those who know and love local favorites. Qatari dishes have been reimagined to bring a refreshed, refined, contemporary menu to the table.

Ingredients are enhanced through perfecting each element – the right seasoning, the right quantities, and the right method to ensure each flavor offers its true authentic taste.  

The Menu

We offer a seasonal set menu that regularly changes to offer fresh local produce. This menu features sharing dishes that are brought to the table at a steady flow – ensuring that everyone can enjoy a different dish together. Discover our current offering.

Local refreshments

Jiwan serves a wide range of soft beverages and mocktails that include local fruits, spices and ingredients that give them local twist.

We also serve a wide range of teas – including Alain Ducasse’s signature white tea blend – and coffees.

Rich experiences start with a team that puts their heart and soul into everything they do