By Alain Ducasse

Feel closer to the heartbeat of Qatar’s heritage

Jiwan is located on the fourth floor of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) and is an essential chapter in the museum’s storytelling experience. Design works in harmony with the menu to give you a taste of Qatar’s nature and rich traditions linked to activities by the sea. The result is a calming, comfortable environment to enjoy the essence of Qatar.

Enjoy a modern homage to local ingredients and flavours

Jiwan’s contemporary Qatari menu has been carefully curated to take us back to the country’s roots. Seasonal sharing dishes pay homage to indigenous ingredients. Ancient Bedouin elemental cooking techniques —fire, water, air, and earth — are used to transform textures and familiar flavours. The result is a celebration of Qatar’s future culinary identity. Simple yet sophisticated. Novel yet comfortingly nostalgic.

Wander through the past and enjoy a new perspective of the world around you

Discover an exciting dining destination on Doha’s culinary map. Jiwan by Alain Ducasse, is an immersive restaurant at NMoQ that takes you on a sensory journey through Qatar’s rich culture and unique landscape. A place to pause and reflect upon Qatar’s history and ambitious vision.

Welcoming you with generous Arabian hospitality

Alain Ducasse’s excellence as standard meets local traditions to provide guests with a warm, convivial experience. Jiwan is truly yours to enjoy.

Dine amidst the desert dunes 

Relax with sea views